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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Sunshades stick to glass?

They have a revolutionary system that allows glueless adhesion and enables to stick and remove whenever you want without problems. If they stop sticking, it is because they are dirty, simply clean them with water and they will stick again normally.

Will they spoil my car’s window?

No, they don’t have any glue or adhesive corrosive and are therefore reusable.

Will I lose visibility in the rear windows?

No, thanks to its micro-perforated system you can see right through the Sunshades.

How does it look like from the outside of the car?

If you approach the car from the outside you only see the silhouette of a black micro-perforated sheet.

Can I lower and raise the window normally?

We DON´T recommend lowering and raising the windows because, to do so without problems, both glass and Sunshades, should be perfectly clean to avoid damaging the sheets and we can´t ensure these conditions with our little ones close.

Will Sunshades measures fit in my car?

The Sunshades measures are 30 cm wide by 40 high, which is a standard size and fit most cars, if the car has an extremely small window you can always cut the sheet.

Can I buy only one or Sunshades are sold only in pairs?

You can choose to buy only one, or several from the same or different drawings.

Can I make an international order?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide.

When will I receive my order?

Everything will depend on where we have to send it, in our online store you will have all the details.

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