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KIDS & THINGS arises from the need to make easy difficult things, to maximize the benefits of the products aimed at children and parents, and especially, arises to eliminate those obstacles that we encounter daily and keep everything of being easier and funnier.

Our first products, the KIDS & THINGS Sunshades are a clear example of our philosophy:

We maximize the benefits with increased sunscreen, with a higher print quality, maintaining the visibility, we improve designs for added fun of the little ones, and get over the obstacles, say goodbye to the huge suckers, say goodbye to expensive tinted glass, say goodbye to glue and… Hello to easy placement and reuse!

They are discrete from the outside, it is just a black film, no one has to see from the outside the colorful and funny drawings that children love to see from the inside.

We hope that these products are the firsts of a long journey together!

Enjoy and surf through our website! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions…

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